Here we go. Today is the last day of a news packed week. Yesterday after PPI news; gold price dumped by 270 pips. It fell from 2037 to 2010. Today we can expect high volume in the market due to news and last trading day.

Right now #XAUUSD is in no trade zone. It’s in a consolidation phase. Wait for a clean breakout & candle close above 2012 or below 2010.7.

If 30M candle closes above 2012 & candle formation is bullish on LTF 15M, 5M; then we can look for buys with a clean range till 2016.77.

If 30M candle closes below 2010.7 with candles forming bearish structure in LTF 15M & 5M; then Sells will come in to play. Structure is already bearish. We have a clean range till 2003.8.

For both side we have to patiently wait. Have a lovely weekend.