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This is not an ordinary online course; this is a challenge training program. The challenge is to learn all the skills within 30 days; however, you will get lifetime access. You will learn the modern techniques of scanning, sniffing, vulnerability scanning, and analysis, exploiting the machine, server-side, client-side exploitation.

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You will learn post-exploitation, pivoting, privilege escalation, maintaining access, sql-injection, cross-site scripting. Oo0ops, You name it.

There is no need to create a local lab; you will get access to the cloud lab; just learn to attack.

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Course Outline

  • How to approach
  • How to Access the Cloud Lab (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Something about Local lab configuration
  • Introductory Networking
  • Understanding the IPs
  • Understand Linux Filesystem  
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Finding Files in Kali Linux
  • Grep & Piping
  • Services in Kali Linux
  • Shell & Bash Configuration
  • Ownership and Permission in Linux

Cloud Lab:

  • Walkthrough Lab (A guided lab designed to teach you the Linux basics)
  • Lab Exam (Learn by completing Linux challenges)
  • Understand TCP & UDP communication
  • The Host Discovery Techniques
  • Port Scanning and Service Enumeration
  • SMB Enumeration
  • FTP and SMTP Enumeration
  • The Swiss Army Knife (Netcat)
  • Enumerating the Webserver & Application

Cloud Lab

  • Walkthrough Lab (Enumerating & exploiting  a variety of network services and misconfigurations)
  • Lab Exam (Deploy machine, find the flags; a challenge)
  • The OSI Model: An Overview
  • What is Wireshark and how to set up it on Kali Linux
  • Wireshark basis (explain the main window & options) and what packets can be captured
  • The right steps to capture the traffic and how to use filters
  • Analyze the packets (display filters as well)
  • Extracting files from the captured traffic
  • Following TCP Stream

Cloud Lab

  • Walkthrough / Guided Lab
  • Lab Exam (Wireshark CTFs)
  • The vulnerability concept and databases (CVE, NVD, Bugtraq, CVSS)
  • The most common questions with answers
  • Finding vulnerabilities using Nmap and its scripts
  • Installing and configuring the Nessus
  • Nessus Scanning & Policy Management
  • Nessus Scan Analysis & Reporting

Cloud Lab

  • Walkthrough Lab + Challenge
  • The things that you should know about Exploitation
  • The Metasploit Framework
  • Database, Workspace, and the Basic MSF Commands
  • Working with Payload, Shell Access, Nmap & Nessus
  • The Server & Client-Side Attacks
  • Understand the Post Exploitation; explain; pivoting, lateral movement, backdooring (persistent), privilege escalation
  • Post exploitation using Meterpreter
  • Post exploitation using Meterpreter Conti..
  • Windows & Linux Profiling
  • Bypassing UAC & Local Privilege Escalation
  • Post-Exploitation using Mimikatz
  • Mimikatz in Action
  • Understand the Concept of password cracking
  • John the Ripper to crack the password
  • Hashchat Advanced Password cracking and recovery
  • Hydra to Bruteforce Applications

Cloud Lab Exercises, Quiz, and CTF

  • The Metasploit Walkthrough Lab & Quiz
  • Exploiting Windows & privilege esclation challenge lab
  • Hydra Lab walkthrough
  • Hacking Windows with Hydra, RCE & WinPEAS
  • Cracking hashes challenges
  • Lab exam
  • The CTF
  • Understanding the Persistence
  • Use Netcat as a Backdoor or Persistent Agent
  • Persistent using the Metasploit Post Modules
  • Pivoting Lab Configuration
  • Pivoting in Action
  • Understand the OWASP Top 10
  • Setup the Web application pentesting lab
  • Sensitive Data exposure and Directory listing
  • Access Control & Authentication using Burpsuite
  • Mastering the SQL-Injection
  • Find & Exploit Cross-site-scripting (XSS)
  • Command Injection & LFI

Cloud Lab Exercises, Quiz, and CTF

  • Burpsuite walkthrough lab
  • OWASP ZAP walkthrough lab
  • XSS guided lab
  • Own OWASP Juiceshop in the lab
  • Exploit the web server using LFI
  • Understand Linux Privesc
  • Enumeration and Abusing the SUID/GUID Files
  • Exploiting writeable /etc/passwd
  • Cron Job Permission and Exploitation
  • Kernel Exploits

Cloud Lab Exercises, Quiz, and CTF

  • Guided / Walkthrough lab
  • Challenge lab (guided)
  • Understand the Privilege Escalation in Windows
  • Kernel & Registry Exploits
  • Service Exploits
  • Exploiting insecure GUI apps, Startup & Installed apps
  • Hot Potato attack
  • Token Impersonation
  • Privilege Escalation Strategy

Cloud Lab Exercises, Quiz, and CTF

  • Guided / Walkthrough lab
  • I have completed this, now what?


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