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Welcome to the world of Chatbots

welcome to the world of chat bot

What exactly is a chatbot? A chatbot is a man-made brainpower which in scientific terms we quote as Artificial intelligence (AI) this advanced software can reproduce a discussion (or a visit) with a client in programmed language through informing applications, sites, versatile applications or simply, through the phone. Of course, …

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Benefits of Google Ads


Benefits of Google Ads Before learning anything about the benefits of Google Ads we must first understand about the platform. Google ads is Google’s promoting framework in which advertisers run ads on multiple platforms like search, display, gmail, youtube & others with an objective oriented approach to reach out prospective …

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The importance of social media for small business


“Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They’re keeping up with their friends and family, but they’re also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They’re connecting with the audience that they want to connect to. It’s almost a disadvantage if …

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