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B2B Lead Generation Tips and Strategies

B2B stands for ‘business-to-business’ and generally means that you as a business are selling your products to another company rather than an individual consumer. Hence products/services must be designed as such. So should the customer service. It has been observed time and time again that B2B decision-makers prioritise high quality …

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How To Adapt Your Content To Get Found in the Conversational Search Era today?

Conversational Search enables users to submit queries, typically via voice, and receive responses in the form of a conversation. In contrast to a traditional keyword search, a conversational search system takes complex grammatical sentences and can use context from previous interactions to provide more useful and comprehensive results Conversational search …

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What Is Magento SEO? And a Guide To Optimizing Magento Websites

If you are someone from the content marketing industry, you are probably already familiar with the word Magento SEO. It is one of the most famous and reliable Content Management systems out there. The expert designer teams of Coalition’s Technologies” have named it among the 3rd best CMS platforms in …

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