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Ways To Get Better Email Click-Through Rates

One of the most effective measures for determining the performance of an email campaign is the click-through rate CTR. This means that the higher your click-through rate, the more likely you are to convert. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than a poor CTR (click-through rate) for an email marketer who …

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What is a Digital Marketing Proposal? And how to write it?

A digital marketing proposal is a tool in the form of a detailed document enlisting the services provided by a digital marketing agency and its cost. It is used to convince clients to choose your services over others. It’s the ultimate cupid’s arrow which, when stuck to the right person, …

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How to Market With Humor: The Complete Guide

A good joke can make anyone’s day. In the world of marketing, it’s the perfect blend of marketing and customer service. You are joking your way to their pockets. If that isn’t ideal, then what is? Customers love when an amusing ad pops up on their feed. It takes their …

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